Zoomtech has a strong presence in the CCTV camera service market in Sri Lanka. Nowadays, CCTV is the watchdog on every road, commercial building, household, and separate office. We provide the best indoor & outdoor CCTV cameras for homes at an affordable CCTV camera price in Sri Lanka with great installation service.

Our team comprises dedicated and highly skilled professionals who have experience in various electronic security systems to provide the best CCTV camera installation in Sri Lanka. The price can be changed to your requirements and your budget.

Best CCTV camera price in Sri Lanka?

Explore our collection of high-quality CCTV security surveillance systems at the best price that is full of features like night vision, High definition recording, high resolution, and lens clarity.

We also have other high-quality CCTV accessories such as UPS batteries and monitors that you can buy at good prices.

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