Original Super Fine Home Security Alarms System Alarm GSM GSM Android IOS APP with Languages ​​from 21 countries, RFID TAGS

* TouchKeypad, beautiful design!
* "GSM Alarm Dialer and Auto 2 in 1" feature (NEW!): This is absolutely a GSM wireless home alarm that based on GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz wireless network and has internal automatic dialer, will call up to 5 pre-programmed alarm phone numbers.
* "SMS alert" feature (NOVEL!): If any sensor is triggered wirelessly, the GSM control panel will send SMS to the pre-programmed SMS notification number, for example. DoorAlarm garage!
* 01-09 9 Zones Alert SMS information is available to modify! for example, you change the original SMS "Alarm Zone 9" into "Waitingroom PIR Alarm!"
* "SMS remote control" feature (NOVELTY!): You send GSM SMS to SIM card number and control panel control. if you are out of the house now and have forgotten your GSM alarmsystem before you go out after you send an SMS to your control panel etc.
* and DISARM SMS by FREE CALL (NEW!): you dial-in to and DISARM your alarm control panel when you are out FOR THE FREIGHT!
* RFID tags access control (NEW!) Support Max 50 RFID tags to disarm the alarm system and open the electronic lock.
* Used as a cell phone to call any number and have a 2-way talk (NEW)
* Speed ​​dial feature (NEW!) The elders once press the CALL on the icon to speed dial the pre-stored phone number.
* Dial-in to monitor the 100 sq. m site through high quality internal microphone.
* Programmable delay input time from 0 to 300 seconds, so you have enough time to disarm the control panel when you return home without a remote control with you.
* Bypass function: You bypass the motion detectors at night, so you will not trigger the system when you walk around the house.
* 2 pcs 3.7V / 700mA allow 5 hours standby lithium rechargeable battery for AC power failure.
* Call up to 5 people phone numbers scrolling through each phone number until it managed to talk to someone, 5 SMS alert numbers, 1 speed dial number SMS alert tag number.
* Support 10 wireless remotes, 50 wireless sensors, 50 RFID tags
* digital learning code: the connection between the sensors and the wireless alarm host is very easy to add more sensors and detectors to the system.
* Built in 1,000,000 RF code combination maintains high reliability.
* Siren hooting time: 1 to 9 minute programmable.
* Programmable Siren Volume: 0: Mute, 1: Low, 2: Medium, 3: High
* 90dB internal siren to deter intruders on site.
* SOS Emergency Help: In case of emergency, you press the panic button on the control panel or remote controls to trigger the system immediately, no matter the system is armed or disarmed.
* AC / DC auto switch function: this control panel will automatically switch to backup battery, from lack of AC power.
* SMS alerts when AC power failure, AC power recovered and low battery backup voltage
* Independent alarm function
cellular communicator, simple operation
ARM + Auror CPU
support 10 remote controls,
50 wireless sensors and 50 RFID tags
store 5 phone numbers, 1 speed-dial number and 1 SMS RFID notification number
door lock support
Exit & delay entry
recordable voice memo
arm and disarm via SMS or free phone call
remote monitoring by phone
the internal siren and backup lithium battery
SMS alerts for power failure,
power recovery and low battery
support for cards, tags and other 125 KHz
passive transponders
850/900/1800/1900 MHz frequency,
Working Frequency: 433 mhz
applicable to universal
tamper protection
• Alarm panel (with backup battery and siren) x1
• Adapter x 1
• English Book Manual x 1

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