Electric rotary bracket support ptz pan tilt installation / stand / cctv accessories support cctv camera.

the main features
completely independent of intellectual property rights, like in one of the first global innovation project;
255 degree rotation, 6 degree speed, 12, 20 degrees per second three gears is adjustable, rotation speed of 60 degrees vertical 9 degrees per second;
smart intelligent built-in decoder board, preset level, intelligent cruise function, on the electronic limit any configuration, save a function.
128 soft code function to be adjusted.
being is the 12V power supply + 485 control, can fast and high-definition cameras, 485 lines and connected to 12V output, without wiring easily upgraded the high-definition cameras up and down and around function of rotation; such as analog camera is also provided 485 line to control the equipment.
make special custom, high quality and durable stable and long life motor work.
only 195mm long light, quick installation, be compatible with all hd webcam and analog cameras on the market.
a watch that is being waterproof, dustproof and resistant to high-temperature high-quality plastic reservoir engineering design.
perfect cooperation with the hd IP camera, can be directly connected to the network 485 line module, there is no need to wiring can back-end NVR, software platform, mobile phone customer control.
a high cost performance, the lowest cost can be a fixed camera upgrades for horizontal and vertical rotation.
can reduce the amount of the installation of a fixed camera, thus significantly reduce the cost of engineering construction, make project marketers have more advantages in competition with rivals.
especially suitable for being indoors, expanding the camera fixed at the same time can also improve the clarity of vision.
for example: in the internal installation 1 camera to try to expand the field of view usually use 3.6mm lens, this leads to the camera's resolution is not ideal. and if this camera is equipped with a rotating stents, direct can use 6mm lens, significantly improve the resolution, while 6mm lens can not reach 3.6mm lens 90 degrees of vision range, but rotating stents can make the camera scope of monitoring reached 255 degrees. as a result, the field of vision and clarity are improved, customer evaluation is even better.


when installing a camera in the room, and want to see a wider range, we usually use 3.6mm lens which with large visible angle but short visible distance, this makes it the camera resolution may not be perfect But if this camera is equipped with our rotating stand, 6mm lens can improve the resolution, in the meantime, you can wider viewing angle and long distance, although 6mm lens can not reach 90 degrees like 3.6mm lens, but the swivel bracket allows the range of fixed lens camera monitoring to reach the maximum at 255 degrees. as a result, track tracking and resolution have been improved, customer ratings will be better.



Horizontal rotation angle

255 degrees

rotate the speed

6 degree / 12 degree / 20 degree optional

Vertical Rotation Angle

60 degrees

vertical rotation speed

9 degrees / SEC.

limited position

Left & right position, adjustable, free

limited auto scan position

3 adjustable level

preset position

8 preset position

position default route

1 tour route, 3 speed rotation level

fixed position monitoring


Manual homing feature


control wire



power interface + RS485

power input

DC 12 V / 100 mA

the energy consumption

0.9 W


-25 degrees -55 degrees,

humidity less than 95% (non-condensing)

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