2017 new hdbaset extender 100 m hdmi extender on single cat 6 ethernet 3d cable 4 kx 2 k 1080 p receiver transmitter for hdtv

2016 New HDBaseT Extender 100M HDMI Extender About Single Cat 6 3D Ethernet Cable 4K x 2K 1080P Transmitter Receiver For HDTV

100 M HDMI Extender HDBaseT

this transmits newwork HDbaseT cable extender single HDMI signal up
100 M on Cat6 fluently and clearly. it is lossless in signal and supports3D
24 bit deep color, 4K x 2K, CEC and HDCP.
1. Apply HDBaseT technology to extend
2. HDMI video signal No Compression
3. Support full HD 1080 p @ 60Hz, 3D 4K x 2K
4. Extend 1080p signal over Cat6 up to 100M
5. Support bi-directional IR pass back
6. Support HDCP, CEC, 24 deep colors
7. Uncompressed support LPCM compressed audio and DTS-HD Dolby True GD
8. Can be powered by network cable. it only needs 12V power input to any transmitter
or receiver for normal operation.
Installation Requirements
1. HDMI source devices:
HDMI output interface with DVD, STB, PCetc.
2. Display Devices:
with HDMI, SDTV, HDTV, projector port
3. Network Cables
UTP / STP Cat5e / Cat6 / Cat6A / Cat7 network cables, which follows the IEEE-568B standard
1. HDMI signal: 4K x 2K, HDCP compliant, CEC support and 24-bit deep color
2. Supported resolution: 480i 480p 576i 576p 720p 1080i 1080p 3D 4K x 2K
3. Audio Option: LPCM DTS-HD Dolby True HD
4. Cable network: CAT5E CAT6 CAT6A CAT7
5. Transmission Length: CAT5E / CAT6 100 M up to 1080 P @ 60Hz 36bpp
70 M 1080 P 48bpp @ 60Hz 1080 P @ 60Hz 3D 4K x 2K 30Hz
CAT6A / CAT7 48-bp 100-M to 1080 P @ 60Hz 1080 P @ 60Hz 3D 4K x 2K 30Hz
6. Infrared back: Support 20 ~ 60 KHz wide frequency devices and Bi-directional IR transmission
7. Power Supply: DC12V / 2A
8. Power consumption: less than 10 W
9. Dimension: 98.5x66.5x23mm Lxlxa
Package Included
1x Transmitter Extender
1x Receiver Extender
1x Power Adapter
1x User Manual
Q1: No image output?
A1: Check the status led indicator to make sure all connections are good and stable.
Q2: Led "3" is blinking but no output image?
A2: Verify that the HDMI display device has been switched to the right HDMI input channel.
Q3: Led "2" is blinking but "3" is the light off?
A3: Verify that the TX HDMI IN has input signal and make sure the RX HDMI OUT is well connected with HDMI display.
Q4: Output image has flashing points or dots disturbance?
A4: Change the TX HDMI cable HDMI input signal cable or use shorter.
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